Gershom st.

100 sqm apartment | Ramat Gan, IL | 2017

Gershom St. apartment is a project whom initially started, from a shiny ray of light.
The bright apartment and the amount of sun its receiving during day time has easily set the pallet for the project. Light pastels, easy breezy color scheme.
It was love at first sight.

A four bedroom apartment turned three, after siting with the client and understanding her needs. The extra space created by the cancellation of the fourth room has made the original proposed kitchen to nearly double its size, allowing the kitchen to become the gathering sitting area, as asked by the client to be the heart of the house.
Another use of the canceled room’s space was to in large the general bathroom space and by so make it more comfortable, approachable and easier for the grandkids shower times.


  • Architectural planning
  • Interior Design
  • Art - Ceiling Paint job & kitchen piece
  • Styling