45 sqm | Haifa, Israel | 2022

The new location of Neema, a financial service provider, occupies a small but impactful space of 45 square meters in Haifa, Israel. Alter Studio was commissioned to bring this new branch of Neema to life with a touch of modern and full of boutique. The goal of this design was to give Neema’s clients a feeling of luxury, the first of its kind as Neema caters to the workers of Israel who do not have local credentials. Neema’s goal is for their clients to feel worth and be at ease about who is handling their hard earned money and provide a respectful banking experience.

Following concept Alter has designed this project to show the sophistication and security of a financial institution. High ceilings make an impact of luxury and an abundance of space wrapped with the company’s color with an integrated wooden drop ceiling. The idea of the design was to separate the space into 2 areas, an information center and a teller window. Upon entering the space you are welcomed into an information hub where Neema employees are readily available to instruct clients about all of the services that they provide.Here the walls are coped with oak wood along with integrated niches for technology integration. Cement floors add a neutral tone leading you through a glass partition to the teller’s window. The partition segments the space, leaving one public area for customer service and a private area for financial transactions. Here a concrete desk sits boldly welcoming Neema’s clients to securely handle their financial needs.